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There has been a lot of buzz going around the Skylink TV antenna wherein it promises to provide its viewers with amazing picture quality and also more than 100 channels at 1080 high-definition.


The structure or design of this antenna is quite simple and straightforward. It is a small, super-thin and black coloured plastic design. Due to it being flat and thin, it becomes pretty straightforward for hiding the antenna right behind the TV unit as well. Similar to any other indoor models, you can stick it on to the wall or also lay it flat on the table. However, it has been seen that the reception becomes weak when it is kept flat on the table. There is a coaxial cable which comes attached to the antenna at the bottom edge. This cable is thinner than the rest of the other cables hence it would become pretty much easier for stowing it. However, at the same it would make it less durable than those otherwise heavier gauge cables.

Winegard FlatWave Amped FL5500A

Range (miles) : 50
Channels Received: 36


SkyLink TV Antenna

Range (miles) : 30(up to 60)
Channels Received: 70


This is the heading

Range (miles) : 35
Channels Received : 30



It is pretty much simple to get the installation process carried out wherein it would not take more than a couple of minutes to get it done. This antenna model makes use of multi-directional functionality for picking up the reception signals from every direction. You can play around the placement for getting the maximum number of channels. You would surely receive most of your favourite channels with this TV antenna once it is placed in the correct location.

Viewing experience:

This TV antenna picks up a coverage range of 30miles. However, if you need to increase the coverage range then you can make use of an amplifier which would further take it to 50miles. The reception of this antenna however would vary based on the exact location it is placed, the weather outside, how far is it from the broadcasting tower and other factors. You would surely receive all of your favourite channels with the help of this antenna but do not expect to receive those premium channels. To get those premium channels such as Showtime, HBO and so on, you would need to pay the subscription charges and watch them.


This is one such area wherein Skylink would need to bring about improvement. There are a lot of customers who have complained that the shipping is very slow as compared to the other companies. Who does not love fast shipping. Skylink should speed up its delivery process so that it can increase the customer satisfaction. The shipping is however free of cost.


The price would vary based on which part of the company website you have decided to purchase the antenna. If you click on the Buy Now button present on the homepage, then the price would vary than if you purchase it from a separate landing page list. The manufacturers also provide a 30-day exchange deal if the piece that has been delivered gets damaged or is defective during the shipping process.

Apart from the shipping time, rest all seems to be good. You are sure to receive around 90 to 100 channels.