TVBuddy Antenna Review 2018

TVBuddy claims to provide free television, due to which they are making headlines everywhere. But is it really true. Is TVBuddy able to stand up to the claims they have made everywhere. We thought of testing this antenna and find out whether it is actually true or seems to be just a marketing gimmick.

ClearStream Eclipse Amplified

Range (miles) : 50
Channels Received: 40


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Range (miles) : 35
Channels Received : 30


With TVBuddy you would receive 1080p resolution. It is a multi-directional antenna that covers a range of 30miles. It ensures to pick up strong signal. You also get an amplifier that would help in boosting the signals to 50miles. It just weighs 175grams. Quite light and discreet, TVBuddy is an ideal indoor TV antenna that you would want to place in your house. You can also hide it behind the TV, it would not stick out of the wall. Having an all-black colour, this TV antenna went well with the décor of my room. Also I had thought of placing it discreetly behind the TV so that no one can realise where it is.

The multi-directional support along with the amplifier is an amazing combination since you get a lot of channels. Worth the money spent when you see all of your favourite channels being picked up. The costs of this antenna is very reasonable. Good start for the beginners who are new cord cutters since it normally costs even less than your monthly cable bill. You can try out various placement options in the house, scan the channels and once you are satisfied about the number of channels being delivered you can get it hooked up on the wall or the window.

No more worry about those hefty cable bills or paying for a service that you hardly get to enjoy properly. Having a TV antenna, you can enjoy all of your favourite shows. You pay just one time for the antenna and then enjoy free shows. The setup of this antenna is also very easy and simple. All you would need to do is just connect the antenna into the television and scan all the channels. Just within a period of few minutes, you can enjoy your shows or sports. But for receiving the optimal number of channels, it would be advisable to make certain adjustments in the initial time itself.

You can watch various channels for which there is no need to pay any subscription charges. Few of those channels include, ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC. You also get to watch all of your favourite sports such as NFL, NBA and many other absolutely free of cost. The picture and sound quality which you receive is uncompressed which means that you get HD quality picture. However, you would not be receiving any of the premium channels such as Showtime, HBO, Starz and others.

Though one drawback is that the shipping is quite slow. But this product is worth the wait as well as the money. It also does not offer 4K, but this should again not be too much of an issue. Since most of the TV also do not support 4K. Also there are hardly any channels that also offer 4k to their viewers. So with just one time investment and no other monthly charges, this antenna is worth cutting the cord.