TV Radius Antenna Review 2018

The TV Radius TV antenna is a discreet, sleek looking indoor TV antenna that has been designed with the military technology. This makes it trust-worthy, powerful and tough in comparison to the other indoor antennas. TV Radius has been claiming that they would want to provide its consumers with absolutely free television. But does it really live up to its expectations. Let us go through the claims made by TV Radius.

ClearStream Eclipse Amplified

Range (miles) : 50
Channels Received: 40


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Range (miles) : 35
Channels Received : 30


With a coverage range of 30miles, TV Radius has been considered to be the top choice for indoor TV. TV Radius just weighs 86grams hence it is quite small and lightweight. This would make it easy in terms of hiding the antenna behind the TV unit. It would also not look out of place when mounted on the wall or the window. You get this antenna in black colour that would go well with the speakers and other gadgets placed in the room. TV Radius has been an impressive deal due to its size and lightweight. Due to the small size of the antenna, it becomes easier to strategically locate the antenna anywhere in the room without letting others make a note of it.

TV Radius is a multi-directional antenna which makes the setup and placement pretty simple. The multi-directional reception technology present in this antenna would allow for the signal to come from all the various angles hence you need not point the antenna in just one direction. At times for those individuals who are not sure of where exactly the broadcasting tower is located, the placement becomes an issue. But in cases of multi-directional antenna like TV radius, this would not be a problem.

The setup for this antenna is a bit difficult when compared with the other indoor antennas. The company has been claiming that they would not be guaranteeing about the reception signals since there are variable factors that can have an impact on the programming quality. Another claim of receiving 90 plus channels is not completely true but surely you would receive 50 plus channels when you place the antenna at its optimal location. This is still not a bad number since you are getting it absolutely free of cost.

This antenna does not include an amplifier hence if you would need to increase the coverage range, you would need to purchase an external amplifier and connect to it. Another concern about the company is that the shipping is quite slow. When compared the price with other antennas, this one turned out to be a bit on the expensive side. Hence you cannot term it as an affordable option.

This antenna has found to be compatible with personal computers, laptops, and receiver boxes. This makes watching your favourite shows from any device a lot easier. It also provides crisp and crystal clear reception. We can call TV Radius a decent pick among the other models. With certain improvements in this antenna, it can surely pull itself up. There are a lot of other antennas in the same price range that offer more features and are very much user friendly.