Octa Air Review 90 of 100 Top Television Programs Unlocked

With the rise in the cable bills, it gets difficult for people to save on their hard earned money. Basically there are so many channels available on cable TV but you hardly watch few of them. Thus this mounting bill prices has literally put a burden on the pocket of the viewers. This burden has led to a rise in the cord cutters. People are shifting from the cable and satellite TV and moving on to the antenna technology. The TV antennas are coming back with a bang. When you get to hear that most of the top TV channels are free of cost then who would not want to switch to TV antennas. One such name that is also gaining momentum is Octa Air.

Octa Air is a type of an indoor TV antenna which has claim to be just a one-time cost setup. They do not charge any additional fees or cost and the setup is very much simple for the users. Octa Air provides for 1080p resolution from the broadcasting tower. This model is especially designed for indoor purpose only. It covers a range of 50miles.

Winegard FlatWave Amped FL5500A

Range (miles) : 50
Channels Received: 36


SkyLink TV Antenna

Range (miles) : 30(up to 60)
Channels Received: 70


ClearStream Eclipse Amplified

Range (miles) : 50
Channels Received : 40


Octa Air is sleek and black in colour. Hence it would easily fit into your home décor. You can also hide it easily behind the TV set. This razor thin antenna just weighs 86grams. Hence it is sleek, lightweight and quite small. This antenna is so small that it can be placed in any location, behind the TV, under the cabinet or even behind the furniture. However, to get the best possible signal, it is important to place it in the right position and direction.

The setup and installation of Octa Air is also quite easy. All you would need to do is, just plug-in the antenna cable to the TV input port and mount it on the wall or the window. Once done, you are good to go with the scanning of the channels and enjoying your favourite shows. Due to its sleek design and colour, this antenna can easily blend well with the other décor items in the room. Once you plug-in the antenna, you can view 90 out of the 100 programs on TV. This is really a lot of content to be made available absolutely free of cost.

Having a 50mile range would be a lot to cover for and if you are lucky then it can hit more than one broadcasting towers in your area. This would mean, more number of channels on your TV screen. The working of the Octa Air TV antenna is quite similar to the FM radio. It would be capturing the desired frequency present in the broadcasting tower. However, the process of the antenna is much sophisticated and complicated. So you can say that the antenna can unlock the locked channels and display it on to your screen. You can expect to view most of the local channels such as, Fox, ABC, CBS and NBC which are absolutely free. Once you position the antenna at its right place, you can enjoy your daily dose of entertainment.