Is SwellHD+ the Real Deal, or a Scam?

Getting free TV in high definition seems to be a dream. But this dream can turn out to be a reality with SwellHD+ TV antenna. You can watch all of your favourite programs in 1080p absolutely crystal clear. The SwellHD+ antenna is termed to be a super antenna which can easily pick up the over-the-air TV signals like no other TV antennas. So one can say that with this antenna, you can surely receive 90 to 100 channels on your TV screen absolutely free of cost. Also for those who are worrying whether it is legal or illegal. Then the good news is that, it is very much a rea deal and legal.

SwellHD+ is very much easier to use and it would help you in saving a lot of money. This antenna is very much sleek and slim in profile. So you no longer have those bunny ears sticking out of the TV set. With this discreet profile, it becomes easier to place or mount this antenna anywhere in the house or the office. You can place it behind the TV, hang it on the wall or the window. Quite compact in nature, it would not stick out of the wall. Hence no one would be able to point out where is the exact location of this antenna.

SwellHD+ has been developed by a NASA engineer with the help of military technology. It has a mud flap design to it that make it even more reliable. This is one of the most technologically advanced TV antennas that are currently available in the market. It allows you to watch most of the channels or program and that to absolutely free. There are no subscription charges to it.

ClearStream Eclipse Amplified

Range (miles) : 50
Channels Received: 40


SkyLink TV Antenna

Range (miles) : 30(up to 60)
Channels Received: 70


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Range (miles) : 35
Channels Received : 30


This SwellHD+ antenna is very much compatible with computers, HD receiver boxes and also laptops hence it makes easier watching TV on any device. You need not have a television unit to watch your programs. This is a multi-directional antenna providing crisp and crystal clear picture without the need to worry about signal loss. This antenna has a coverage range of 30miles. In case if you have an amplifier attached to it then this range would increase to 50miles. This is quite an impressive coverage range.

There are a lot of major channels that you can watch once you connect the antenna to your device. Major networks such as, PBS, CNN, CBS, Fox and ABC are also made available. The connection is also pretty easy. All the cables are included in the antenna package. Just get the connections right and you are done with the setup. It should not take more than a minute for the setup. However, you may need to adjust the antenna to a suitable position for receiving strong signals.

This antenna does not offer premium channels, which is the case with most of the other antennas as well. You would need to subscribe for those channels separately. When you have a SwellHD+ antenna, you would need not worry about getting interrupted service. Also the quality of picture and sound is amazing when compared with the other similar products. This is a right blend for your home as well as for your TV.