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Bigger really is better.

by 1 May 2009 1,681 views Share

On a daily basis, between work and my Google reader, I must look at close to thousand photos. Besides fffound, one of my favorite places to peruse photos is MSNBC’s Week in Pictures. Looking through the newest photos on Week in Pictures, I noticed that the layout had been changed.

From this two weeks ago:


to this:

Perhaps the powers that be were inspired by Boston’s Big Picture , a few times a week photo essay of newsworthy events or trends based entirely around photos, shown large as all hell and always interesting (their recent essay on North Korea had the mindblowingly simple but spectacular vantage point of getting all their shots from the border). Seeing lovely photos big is akin to a religious experience (for me at least) so it’s quite nice to have more media repping some seriously amazing photojounalism as big as they can.

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